Providing Compassionate Labor Support in Central Virginia


Blooming Birth is a Richmond, Virginia based business specializing in compassionate labor support. In addition to birth doula services, she also offers birth and postpartum prep sessions. Cristina Evans is also the creator of Sleepy Sloth baby blankets.

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I’m Cristina Evans and I came to birth work following my own journey into motherhood.

My own birth experiences that left me feeling confident and empowered. I learned that I was lucky, because for many of the new parents I meeting around this time, this was not the norm. I found out that families felt like their wishes weren’t being heard & that they were having their babies and going home feeling deflated. I decided that this wasn’t acceptable.

In my search for information about how to support people through this time in their lives, I came across Doulas of North America (DONA). Something clicked in a way that hadn’t before and I knew that this was the way that I wanted to walk with others on their journeys into parenthood. Supporting a friend through her birth solidified this thought, and in 2012 I was able to attend a DONA birth doula training.

I started attending births soon after my training and have felt so privileged to be part of this time in my client’s lives. It’s amazing to witness that transformation that can happen during labor. Being a doula is about more than the birth itself. It’s about the journey and supporting the most important people in the new baby's (or babies') life. It’s nurturing those who will be caring for this life because the connection during this time can bring them closer, create a stronger bond, and increase the confidence they feel as new parents.

As a doula for everybody, I truly believe that when we feel heard, supported, and that we have a voice, we not only think more positively about  birth (even if it doesn't go according to "plan"), but also often enter parenthood with more confidence.

The birth of my most recent child reminded me of the importance of the fourth trimester. This time that follows the birth of our babies is often overlooked and understated. It’s a sacred time of connection and bonding. It’s a time to embrace your intuitive self. This time in my own life has allowed me to expand my focus a little. In addition to supporting births, I am proud to be offering planning sessions as part of my services as a way to help families transition from pregnancy to the fourth trimester.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your pregnancy or what kind of birth you want, now is the perfect time to create the web of support that you need throughout this transitional time in your life. Let’s talk.

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