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Postpartum Planning Session

Postpartum Planning Session


As a birth doula and mother, I have seen that there is often a disconnection of care after the birth of our children. We have our babies and are sent home with a "good luck" and recommendation to sleep when the baby sleeps, but we need more than that. This time is sacred and even if you’ve had other children, you will never get this time with this child again. Honoring this transitional time in your life, I am offering private postpartum prep sessions that are personalized to you. Think of it as a workshop in the privacy of your own home!

During the few hours that we are together, we will address your needs (physical & emotional), the needs of your baby, and how you can feel confident in asking for accepting help. This is an opportunity to discuss desires, hopes, and expectations along with ways to integrate them into your postpartum plan.

This is wonderful option for all types of families regardless of the type of birth you are aiming for, birthing location, or feeding choice. These sessions are best done during pregnancy so that everything is as ready as it can be prior to birth.

​For two weeks after your session, you’ll have access to phone and email support for any further questions or clarification.

*Clients booking doula services after a session will receive a discount of birth support.

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