Providing Compassionate Labor Support in Central Virginia

Love Notes

“I have felt so supported by my husband during the last month, and I think that he felt confident in himself because we had such an effective plan made after we spoke with you.”


"...Her calm demeanor was perfect for the situation. Even though we had taken a Bradley Birth class, some of the the info is forgotten in the heat of the moment. She was there every step of the way to offer reassurance, and advice, often suggesting things that my husband could do in a way that made him feel totally helpful, and not at all out of place...." Deana

"...My husband thought a doula unnecessary, and now he will tell you how valuable she was, not only for myself but for him as well. She guided him to help minimize my pain and enabled my husband to really be present. I have two other births to compare to, and this one by far was the most emotionally involved in so many ways. I feel so complete in how our son came into this world..." Candace

"...Cristina's voice became a focal point as she counted breathes slowly. I strived to meet her counts and aside from the hot tub, it was probably the most helpful thing to me during transition!..." Margaret

"...She made sure that my wants, needs, and desires were heard. During labor she made it such a calm and soothing environment.  When I felt like I couldn't take the pain anymore, she assured me that I was "rocking this birth" and it made me want to knock out this next round of contractions. In the midst of the chaos, she reminded me of things that I strongly wanted during the birth that I'd completely forgotten about..." Aysha

"...Cristina provided me the strength and courage to get through the labor as long as I did.  She provided reassurance that we were doing everything possible, she provided comfort and confidence to my husband to help talk me through contractions.  She was able to remind us of our plan and be an advocate for us as needed. I never felt judged by Cristina for the decisions I made during labor and we never felt rushed, even through the night when she was unable to sleep...." Rachel

"...During my pregnancy and at our prenatal visits, Cristina provided a wealth of knowledge about birth plans, options, positions, and affirmations. She was very open-minded, non-judgmental, and did everything in her power to facilitate our birth wishes and to ensure we were empowered for the birth experience we wanted. She provided a ton of resources to make sure all of our questions were thoroughly answered and that we were as prepared as possible for our birth and postpartum time...." Brooke

"...I had pretty good control over my contractions but Cristina helped me to regulate my breathing and really focus on my visualization. She massaged my shoulders and helped my husband to hold me in ways that were soothing...." Christina

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