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Perfect Imperfections

Hi there! 👋

I just wanted to tell you that this post is for you. I think you need to hear it. I think you need to say it out loud to yourself. I think you need to live it. I’m telling you this because I think you might not even be aware that you’ve been aiming for this and how absolutely draining it is. I’m telling you this because I think it will free you.

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The quest for perfection is often subconscious. There are standards set by society as a whole. There are standards set by our families, our predecessors, our mentors, and our peers, but they are not one size fits all. There is no “right way”-no magic pants that work for everyone. Our needs are too different. I think that parents can especially find ourselves stuck on this path without even realizing it.

We think we need a spotless home, perfect meals, children that want for nothing, etc etc.We think we should be able to work a full time job and have tons of time for our kids and a nice clean house with a perfectly manicured lawn and worst of all we think we need all of that at once. We think because we are at home all day, we should be able to check off everything on our to do lists. We think we should be able to be up all night with a new baby and then have energy to chase our toddler around the park and have argument free bedtimes.

I could go on and on and on and I bet you could too.

What if instead of aiming for unattainable goals, we define what’s important and then get to the rest if we can or even let the rest go by the way all together?  How would that feel? Can you imagine the impact this can have on your life? Can you imagine how much lighter you could feel to give yourself permission to not be perfect?

Today I challenge you to this. I know it can be hard and scary, but I want you to try. Give yourself permission to let go a little this week.

If you’ve done this or if you decide to do this, please share your experience in the comments. I think it can be helpful for others to know that they are not alone in these thoughts and actions. 

By the way, I’m excited for you! This is going to be good!

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